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This tutorial will show you how to set up the IDE for using Pixi Server and then creating a simple chat server and client.

The server part of this tutorial will show how to use the PixiServer libraries to create a server, add ApplicationDomains and Zones and create a ServerEventHandler to handle the chat messages.

The client part of this tutorial will cover using the ClientNetwork class to create a connector to the server. It will also cover passing messages to and from the server.

This tutorial assumes that you have downloaded the latest release of the Pixi server libraries or downloaded and compiled the source code. You should have access to the following dll files:
  • Pixi.Server.dll
  • Pixi.PC.Client.dll
  • Pixi.Network.dll
  • Pixi.Client.Network.dll
  • Pixi.Logging.dll
  • Pixi.Math.dll
In addition you will also need the following open source library files:
  • Lidgren.Network.dll
  • log4net.dll
  • Ninject.dll
I'll be using Visual Studio 2010 to create and develop this tutorial. Ok, let's get started:
Chat Server Code

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