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Pixi Server

Pixi server is a powerful easy to use socket-server for building MMO games and other simulation applications. It is built using .NET 4 and has an easy to use API for creating pluggable server-side game objects and event handlers and an extendable client-side communication library.
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• Supports both TCP and Reliable UDP (using the Lidgren Network library).
• Easy to use API allows creating server side simulation objects and event handlers.
• Supports Quadtree spatial indexing for quick loading and search of simulation objects.
• Supports 2D server side collision detection using a ray casting algorithm.


• Add an Octtree for 3D spatial indexing support.
• Add implementation of A* path finding algorithm.
• Add 3D server side collision detection support.
• Implement .Net parallelism for support of multi-core processors.
• Add import capability for terrains and meshes.

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